Water Warehouse offers excellent customer service and high quality sale and rental products at competitive prices.

Your Pentair distributor for Fleck products.

Water Softeners

Imagine the benefits of cleaner water for washing and bathing! Soft water allows you to obtain great results while you cut back on household cleaning products. As well, you will virtually eliminate scale build-up in pipes, fixtures and water heaters.

The Water Warehouse offers the latest in high efficiency water softening systems. You can also choose the rent-to-own option based on monthly payments over a thirty-six-month term.

Water Purifiers

Are you seeking an alternative to bottled water? If so, a water purifier will allow you to enjoy the ultimate in high quality drinking water. The Water Warehouse offers drinking water systems which combine sediment and carbon filtration with reverse osmosis technology to provide effective water treatment. The accuracy of this leading edge technology will ensure the integrity of your drinking water. We also carry the latest in ultraviolet water sterilizers as well as Canadian-made Precision water distillers which provide you with pure steam distilled water.

Iron & Manganese Filters

We can help you eliminate rust staining from well water caused by high levels of iron in raw water supplies. Our "Rust Rebel" heavy-duty iron and manganese filters use backwash filter technology combined with an oxidizing agent such as air, potassium permanganate, chlorine or ozone. Our service includes custom-designing a filter system to meet the needs of your particular water supply. Based on a sample of your raw water, we will make the proper recommendations to construct a safe and economical filtration system for either residential or commercial use.

Taste & Odor Filters

What a treat to be able to enjoy fresh-tasting drinking water from the tap! The Water Warehouse offers sediment filters and carbon filters that remove taste and odor from tap water. Choose either the replaceable cartridge system or the automatic backwashing style for whole house filtration, then sit back and enjoy all of your water-based beverages to the maximum.

Bottled Water & Water Coolers

Indulge yourself with the convenience of a water cooler system in your own home! We carry a complete line of water coolers and bottleless point of use filter cooler systems. You can have cold and room temperature water or cold and hot water at your fingertips in a variety of floor standing or countertop models. The contemporary styling, and one-piece design guarantee that your water cooler will harmonize with your decor. For added convenience, you can choose to pick up your water at the Water Warehouse or have it delivered to your location six days a week.

Pumps & Pressure Systems

The Water Warehouse has the answer to your pump requirements with a line of pressure boosting units designed for domestic water supply and other boosting or lift applications. We are proud to carry the Grundfos line of low-noise stainless steel water pumps which are easy to install and operate. They provide tough and reliable service in homes, cottages, farms, greenhouses and more. We also supply WellMate fibreglass pressure tanks boasting corrosion-proof composite construction, long life and flexibility in a wide range of sizes.


We carry Rainbird and Hunter sprinkler systems and can design u-do-it packages for manual or automatic systems.