Welcome to Vimridge, the Water Warehouse, Regina, SK 

With an emphasis on excellent customer service, we are your one-stop location for high quality products at competitive prices.

Your Pentair distributor for Fleck products.

Since 1950, Vimridge, the Water Warehouse, has been providing water quality, water treatment, and delivery services across Saskatchewan.  Based in Regina, Vimridge is the name trusted for water softeners, water purifiers, iron and manganese filters, taste and odor filters, bottled water and water coolers, water quality analysis, water pumps and pressure systems, and irrigation.  We ensure our customers receive reliable sale or rental products and quality service.  Whether your needs are residential or commercial, we have water treatment and supply solutions for you!
All of our products are designed to use only those resources that are absolutely necessary in order to reduce waste and to ensure that Vimridge products leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.    Clean water should not come at the expense of the environment, and at the Water Warehouse we will continue to do everything we can to ensure environmentally responsible practices while never sacrificing quality service to our customers.